About SmartOak®

The SmartOak® Story

SmartOak® is a uniform laminated veneer product, developed initially by Forestry Tasmania in association with a range of industry partners under the name of Hardlam.

Following a cessation of development work by Forestry Tasmania, a group of interested scientists and engineers, formerly associated with that work, formed SmartOak Pty Ltd to continue development and commercialisation under the SmartOak® brand.

All SmartOak® offerings use solely Tasmanian timbers resulting in products that are of exceptional durability and beauty.

What is SmartOak®?

SmartOak® is and engineered wood product based on Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).

It is made from rotary peeled veneer; the individual veneer are glued together using a combination of glues, heat and pressure. The timber is then cut to achieve the appearance, width and thickness desire.

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