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Moisture Control

SmartOAK® is supplied with an average moisture content of 12% (range 9% - 14%). Moisture content is determined using the oven-dry method; resistance-type (2- or 4-pin) moisture meters typically read 4% - 6% higher, capacitance-type moisture meters are not recommended for use with SmartOAK®.

Joining and Fastening

SmartOAK® may be joined and fastened using all readily available systems; pre-drilling is recommended in all instances when screwing or nailing.

Filling and Coating

Filling of holes and cracks in SmartOAK®, and any remedial work, may be undertaken using an appropriate cellulose, gypsum, vinyl-based or epoxy filler, each in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

It is recommended that SmartOAK® is sanded and finished (sealed) with a coating appropriate to the final application. Note that exposure to UV may result in discolouration of the coating and/or surface fibres. Penetrating stains and clears, and polyurethanes, and interior paint systems, may all be used; the use of natural oils is not recommended.

In Service Considerations

SmartOAK® is designed for use as an alternative to solid timber in a range of interior non-structural applications where the product is fully protected from the weather and/or long term exposure to moisture.

Like solid timber, the colour of SmartOAK® will vary according to the finish applied and following long-term exposure to ultraviolet (sun) light, SmartOAK® not recommended for use in ‘wet areas’ or those subject to high humidity.

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