About SmartOak® processing

Processing of SmartOAK® (re-sawing, planing, routing, moulding and sanding etc) must follow the general principles applied to solid timber. Special consideration should be given to the choice of equipment given the presence of sloping or interlocking-grain, and sound knots.

Saw blades, profilers and planers should be tipped with stellite or tungsten-carbide, and configured for higher-density ‘abrasive’ timbers to maximise operating life;

The number of cutting surfaces should be increased, plywood specific tools may be used, whilst the feed speed should be reduced compared to solid timber;

Bench- or band-saws should be set to avoid chipping and scoring; for planers, routers and moulders a blade angle of 10-20o is recommended;

Sanders incorporating aluminium-oxide- or silicon-carbide-based abrasives should be used. Belt sanders are recommended for finishing use 220 grit or finer. Orbital sanders must use 220 grit or finer.

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