Timber Colour

About SmartOak® and timber colour

Within a single species the colours and colour variation can be quite pronounced and can differ markedly from one floor to another.

This is particularly so in species where the sapwood (outer layer of timber beneath the bark) is often much lighter in colour than the heartwood.

Even within a single species and within individual trees, large colour variations of the heartwood can also occur. In addition to this the age of the tree also has a significant effect on the colour. Tasmanian Oak comprises three species of tree so variation can be large.

TasOAK Prefinished Flooring comes from integrating the veneer from many different trees so variations in colour occurs. The screening process tries to separate boards of more uniform individual colour (0 Star) from boards of wide colour variations (lots of light and dark) within the same board (1 Star). Nevertheless there can be significant colour variation from one board to another within the Star Rating.

It is important to remember when choosing a timber floor that - no matter how large the showroom sample is that you have seen - it is only indicative and variation must be expected. Your floor will be different from these samples and totally unique to your project in its beauty.

How the boards are mixed into the floor both in terms of colour and feature is up to the installer so if you have any specific view on this, you should discuss it with your installer.

To assist you achieve the look you are seeking, if greater than 5% of the boards supplied to a Star Rating are significantly different tones to the balance, the amount greater than 5% can be swapped by the installer for other packs of boards, provided the boards on site have not been damaged and are repackaged in undamaged original cartons, protected with the packing foam as delivered.

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