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SmartOAK is also supplied as dimensionally cut and sanded timber. The material can be cut to the thickness and width to suit the particular project need so reducing the amount of waste material. Why start with a board 200mm wide by 50mm thick if you need 185mm by 43mm. SmartOAK can be supplied to the thickness and width you need. So the initial cost may seem higher but when you factor in all of the labour to get the size you need SmartOAK is more than competitive.

SmartOAK dimensional timber can be used inside for non-structural applications. The timber must not be used where it can absorb significant amounts of moisture.  

SmartOAK comes in two standard lengths 2440 and 1220. If longer lengths are required then the boards can be finger-jointed to create the desired length.  Because of the unique laminations in the surface appearance, the finger joints are normally not intrusive when seen in a continuous length of product.  

Because SmartOAK dimensional timber has the same wood species as occur in Tasmanian Oak the timber takes stains as easily as Tasmanian Oak this means that a product of any depth of colour can be achieved to complement the design.  

SmartOAK dimensional timber makes elegant stair treads and hand rails for staircases.  

The key benefit of SmartOAK dimensional timber is that large scale sections can be supplied where they are not available from sawlogs at very competitive prices.

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