Frequently Asked Questions

What is a chain of custody?

Chain of Custody is an internationally recognised system that provides confidence that the timber from which the product is made has been grown and harvested in a sustainable way. In Tasmania this is forests that will be replanted in perpetuity or plantations that will be regenerated into the future. The chain of custody ensures that the wood is identified throughout the harvesting, transport, manufacturing and distribution to the end customer. The Responsible Wood logo denotes compliance with the Australian Forestry Standard.

How do I purchase SmartOak?

SmartOAK is available through select distributors on the eastern coast of Australia. Click on the Distributors page to get the address of the people who will meet your flooring or sawn SmartOAK needs.

How do I contact you?

For all sales and technical information please contact our distributor in the first instance.

If you need more technical advice then you can contact our technical support person by emailing or telephoning Mb 0412 291 450 in Australia.

What is SmartOak?

SmartOAK is an engineered wood. Unlike several other manufacturing approaches SmartOAK provides a continuous thickness of Tasmanian timber rather than just a thin wear layer over a different substrate. As a consequence SmartOAK behaves much like a piece of solid timber of similar dimensions.