All timber used by SmartOAK is sourced from forests
that are certified to international standards of sustainable management for the resource.

A chain of custody process operates through all phases of SmartOAK manufacture and distribution providing timber traceability from logs to end products. Licencee no 18055 in the Fine Timber Tasmania scheme.

The key contribution that SmartOAK makes to sustainability of Tasmania’s timber resources is that it uses logs that aren’t suitable for sawmilling to make a sawn product that exhibits all of the natural characteristics of the timber.

The adhesives used in veneer-based products ensure maximum strength and durability in-service. In Australia the quality and suitability of these adhesives are strictly controlled.

Lowering the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is one of the most important things we can do to reduce the damage associated with climate change.

This can be achieved by using more timber, for example, the carbon footprint of timber structures is typically less than those of concrete or steel.

SmartOAK products result in increased length of carbon storage in the wood as most uses lead to artefacts that have a life measured in decades, if not centuries.

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